31 July 2009

Football in the Air

The beginning of August always signals the start of football season. Its too bad it starts that early...I remember when I was young there was always a few leaves changing and the mornings were cooler when football was cranking up. Still, it is my favorite season of the year, both because of the sport and the change in weather with the accompanying colors in nature.

I know baseball is supposed to be the American sport, and I love baseball. In fact, I've coached youth baseball every year for the past nine years, and I love coaching it. But for some reason, it just doesn't have the 'freshness' of the football season. Maybe it's because I'm a college professor, and the start of the Fall term has always been the most exciting part of the college year. Or maybe it's because I'm a hunter and love the onset of the Fall hunting season. It might even be because I've always been a bit cold natured, and find the heat of Summer less tolerable than the cold of Winter. In any case, this is the season that brings the most excitement to me. The marching bands, the purple and white colors of the local high school all over town, kids going back to school (hey, that may be it!)...it's all exciting to me.

See you at the stadium!

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