23 October 2009

Hit and Miss - 10/23/09

Laws Gone Wild

Chuck Colson, who can be brilliant at times, has a very interesting (and friendly to the Reformed faith) look at some of the recent laws that have demonstrated unintended consequences.


Web Content

I continue to discover excellent reading and listening in a thousand new places a week on the web. How in the world can one digest all the good and useful information out there? And that's assuming one can wade through all the scat to get to the good stuff. Heaven knows there's more scatology than useful information on the web. And it may get worse...I just read a summary of the proposed "Net Neutrality" rules that Congress is proposing. Sounds like it ought to be re-titled the, "Mother-May-I Internet Rules".

Good Quote

Sheriffjim, a magazine writer and one of the folks I follow on Twitter, had this quote recently- "To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth." Pretty accurate, based on recent events, I'd say.

Why is it that HS and college football seasons seem to be wrapping up about the time the NFL gets to mid-season? And the way things are going, we will need to re-title the baseball story as, "The Boys of November". Reggie Jackson, Mr. October, would have only been a wild-card hero with that name. And what's with summer hockey?

And Sam's Club has all the Christmas trees out already. Nuts.

16 October 2009

Hit or Miss

I'm impressed by those bloggers who have something useful to say every day, or even multiple times a day. I can't think of useful, original things to say more often than about once a week. My wife would probably agree. But in my defense, I love that old Steve Martin quote from The Jerk, "When you tell your little stories, try to have a point." So I try to have a point when I post something.

Rush and the Rams

I'm very interested in how a few men (Jackson, Sharpton, et al) could prevent a prospective buyer from bidding on a professional sports team, based on his political views. What about the other NFL owners who are conservatives? And do we really think the political or social views of a guy like Al Davis would be mainstream? This bothers me.

Didn't get the Big Buck

I took my two 14-year-old twins pronghorn hunting last week. Dad had two extra landowner tags after his hunters backed out (economy, I guess). The boys and I had a great time chasing a trophy-book buck over half the county, but alas, no. All you PETA folks out there can relax, the buck is safe and sound. One of the boys asked me if pronghorn are smart. I responded with the obvious, "Well, this one is certainly smarter than we are!"


I'm wondering when Obama will quit apologizing FOR American, and start apologizing TO America. Here we are a year into his reign (sarcasm intended) and unemployment and the economy have not improved a lick. The only thing that's going up is taxes.

Terrorist near you- coming soon, courtesy of the mad rush to close Gitmo. I think everybody who voted for Obama on the grounds that he would close Gitmo should have to bunk one of these lunatics for a couple months in their house. We could issue the homeowners a chain-mail neck guard for when they need to sleep.

Slaughter is Painful

I just read an article in the Jerusalem Post about how scientists, using a tricky new method of anesthetizing animals have determined that it hurts when the animal's throat is cut during religious sacrificial ritual. Propitiation is painful. That certainly has an application for the Christian believer as well.

06 October 2009

Hit or Miss


Russell D. Moore has a great blog on the David Letterman situation that's happening right now.

Hollywood Hates God

No surprise here, but Hollywood goes one step further in bashing religion in general, and Christianity in particular with the film "The Invention of Lying." See The Christian Post article about it.

Full Disclosure Statement

Now the FCC is feeling left out; they want some more money, so they are going to persecute bloggers. In the interest of not being persecuted by the FCC, let it be known that nobody has given me jack squat (anything of value, or of no value) for my reviews here.

05 October 2009

The Truth Project Starting Up

Having gone through the Truth Project this past summer, I have been looking forward to hosting a group in my home. This is coming to fruition on October 12th (Columbus Day, what an irony) as our church will begin various home groups of the Truth Project.

If you don't know what the Truth Project is, go visit their web page (truthproject.org). In my opinion, it is the best new material to come out since Francis Schaeffer's work in the 50s and 60s. It is a phenomenally well-done look at the influence of culture on the values of the church, and churchmembers (believers) in general. I highly recommend it to anyone who believes in Christ and doesn't fully understand the nature of the culture wars around them (attacks on the church, attacks on morality, attacks on marriage and the family, etc.).

Find a group in your area and go. It'll be worth it.