29 December 2011

The Sunsets in West Texas

There are a lot of things about the weather in West Texas that can be rightly complained about, but the sunsets make up for most of them.  Here's one, taken tonight from my back porch.

13 December 2011

Family Photo Epic Fails

Here's proof there's no bad time to stop and take a family photo-

What Really Happened to AF447?

This is a fascinating account of what happened to Air France Flight 447.

Rarely do the comments to an article offer anything of value.  In fact, I almost never read more than a few anymore, as they are usually a waste of time.  However, this article is different.  Several experienced pilots and pilot trainers commented on the story, and this added a great deal to what I learned.

Fascinating.  And scary.

09 December 2011

I Think He Was Serious

Here's how to write a letter to the editor and make yourself look like a complete moron. The pic says it all-

HT: Richard Mann

08 December 2011

The $254 Million Man

I just posted this on FB (to the tune of Admiral Halsey by Paul McCartney)-

We're so sorry, uncle Albert,
We're so sorry that you've caused us any pain.
We're so sorry, uncle Albert,
But there's no one left at home
And I believe I'm gonna scream!

We're so sorry but we just heard you signed with them,
We're so sorry, uncle Albert,
But if you can't get any pitching
We sure won't give a dang!
It could have been better, but I was in a hurry.  Feel free to suggest more lyrics. 
Two hundred fifty-four million dollars, for swinging a big stick.  Who'da thunk it?

07 December 2011

Top Ten Book of All Time- And It's FREE Right Now

The Holiness of God by R. C. Sproul is one of the top all-time books I've ever read.  Right now, for a short time, you can get a copy free for your Kindle.


Not a Lot of Posts These Days

I haven't been posting as many blog posts the last couple weeks.  I haven't had the free time to do so, and I'm not trying to generate a giant audience that daily postings require.  So please don't be disappointed that there's not something new here every day!

I've also been trying to wean myself off the internet a bit, as I have begun giving up reading time to browse the various blogs and whatnot that comes with blogging; I need to do less browsing and more reading.  As a result, I probably won't have quite as many links to post or funny videos to send you to.

Anyway, go find a good book and read it.

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Still, there were several hundred veterans of the event who were able to make the trip and commemorate the event with each other.

I honor these men, not as much for what happened to them as what they did with their lives subsequent to the event.  I've only met a couple of Pearl Harbor veterans in my life.  If you haven't met any, you'd better get busy, because they are getting fewer and further between.  (Aside: I've also met a Bataan Death-March survivor...even more rare these days.)

God bless 'em all!