23 October 2009

Hit and Miss - 10/23/09

Laws Gone Wild

Chuck Colson, who can be brilliant at times, has a very interesting (and friendly to the Reformed faith) look at some of the recent laws that have demonstrated unintended consequences.


Web Content

I continue to discover excellent reading and listening in a thousand new places a week on the web. How in the world can one digest all the good and useful information out there? And that's assuming one can wade through all the scat to get to the good stuff. Heaven knows there's more scatology than useful information on the web. And it may get worse...I just read a summary of the proposed "Net Neutrality" rules that Congress is proposing. Sounds like it ought to be re-titled the, "Mother-May-I Internet Rules".

Good Quote

Sheriffjim, a magazine writer and one of the folks I follow on Twitter, had this quote recently- "To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth." Pretty accurate, based on recent events, I'd say.

Why is it that HS and college football seasons seem to be wrapping up about the time the NFL gets to mid-season? And the way things are going, we will need to re-title the baseball story as, "The Boys of November". Reggie Jackson, Mr. October, would have only been a wild-card hero with that name. And what's with summer hockey?

And Sam's Club has all the Christmas trees out already. Nuts.

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