12 July 2010

Update on my Kid Pitching in the World Series

I didn't know that I'd be so proud of my son given that they didn't win the championship.  They finished second in the tournament.  My son, Will, pitched all seven innings of the championship game, and (while I wasn't able to be there) I was told he pitched well enough to win, notwithstanding the umpire's bad calls.

Sounds like a usual blame-it-on-the-umpire story from a whining loser, again, doesn't it?

This one is a bit different.  Shortly after both of my son's coaches were ejected, the tournament director was brought over to the game.  The onfield drama continued, with faux balks called and all.  There were at least four put-outs at first base where the umpire ruled the first baseman's foot was ruled 'off the bag'.  But the clincher was what happened immediately after the game.  Apparently, the tournament director fired the umpire on the spot (he was not allowed to call any additional games and was told to leave the complex).  The director then re-instated the two coaches, and the USSSA director apologized to the fans and coaches for the fiasco. 

I have to say, I've never seen that happen before, even where I was convinced the umpire was evil (the evil umpire...ha ha).  Too late for the kids involved, but at least 'blue' was held accountable, which doesn't happen very often.

Life's not fair...and baseball is remarkably good at teaching life's lessons to boys and girls.  In spite of the frustrations, I highly recommend youth baseball for most kids.

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