27 August 2010

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  1. I so agree with this. I watched our church go through this. Instead of worshipping God in one type of service that incorporated both traditional and contemporary they just created the 2 service approach. I foretold that eventually they would switch to all contemporary and were thus trying to please the world and not really try to praise God. I watched as the orchestra and choir were told they were no longer needed and that they should find somewhere else to serve. Also, the older generation in the church which valued the traditional hymns were not given any weight in the decision. Even though they probably contributed 75% of the funds for the church. Now these people have to go in search of a new church home that will value them. Change is hard for these people. What is happening to our churches? Everyone should be valued not just the contemporary music lovers that would rather see a guy on the stage with a guitar and a holy beam of light shining on him and him alone. The light should be on the cross and our heavenly father.


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