17 December 2010

Winter Wonder-Land (The TX Panhandle)

I write, 'Winter Wonder-Land' instead of the traditional, 'Winter Wonderland' on purpose...the weather around here in the winter makes you wonder what the heck is going on.

Wednesday this week we broke the all-time high temperature record (old record was 71 degrees) with a temp of 76 degrees.  Today it is snowing.  Sorta.

They've been talking for a couple days about this snowstorm, and yesterday I participated (because of my job as a college dean) in a conference call with local officials and the National Weather Service about this approaching snow storm.  They were very confident in their models, maps and all.  We were in the 2" - 4" range, with 6" - 10" just north of us.  It was supposed to start in the early a.m., with the heaviest snow starting around 6 a.m.  Right now (its 8:30 a.m.) there is no snow on the ground.  A few light flurries around, but nothing to brag about.  Looking at the radar, it doesn't look like we'll get much more than a dusting.

I wonder what happened to that storm?

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