06 April 2011

A Good Reason to NEVER Share the Gospel With Anyone

I've been reading blog posts and articles in the last few weeks that are hit-and-miss around the topic of hell, all brought on by the Rob Bell book, of course.  Reading the comments in many of the blogs has convinced me of two things: 

(1) There's a LOT of bad theology walking around out there, and

(2) Many people can't seem to see the logical inconsistency in the propositions they say they uphold

One of the most striking has been the idea that God will not hold anyone who has not heard the gospel accountable for their sin.  I won't go into a long theological treatise here, but say this-

If you really believe that God won't hold people who have never heard the gospel accountable for their sin, then you should NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES share the gospel with anyone, lest they reject it and wind up in hell.

In fact, let's defund all the missionaries and bring them home.  We have whole countries (yea, continents) that haven't heard the gospel yet...how about we just don't tell them so they won't be accountable for their sin?  If we could bury all the bibles in the world and shut down all the churches, and make it illegal to share the gospel, then we could all safely become universalists, because with no one hearing the good news, everyone would wind up in paradise, no?

Sorry to sound crass, but demonstrating the illogic of those peoples' position requires it, I think.

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