30 June 2011

Should Christians be Patriotic?

Yes, with a caveat.

When I hear stories about the corruption in our government or the evils apparent in our society, I feel ashamed for our country.  But when I hear stories of our soldiers using themselves as cover for civilians (often children) in Afghanistan, I can't help but feel patriotic. 

I've seen quite a few opinion pieces about this topic, and many of them were not very helpful.  However, one posted today was both helpful (in that he took a stance instead of waffling) and useful (in the the author has the credibility to speak on the subject...in my opinion of course).  This article can be found here.

I suppose this is a topic where anyone can make a point of their choosing with facts of their choosing.  This always seems to lead to either the idolization or demonization of America, however.  When we hold the state up as our god, that's the only route we have left to take.  But when we view the nation in light of God's revelation, we can see it for what it is in history a bit more clearly, good and bad.

I'll still feel patriotic this weekend, and sing the Battle Hymn and all that, but I'll also worship God in church on Sunday, in spite of the patriotic music.

Here's the caveat. 
  1. Worship God. 
  2. Be thankful for his providence in our national heritage. 

Don't reverse these two things and end up worshiping America and being thankful for God in our national heritage.  If you own one of those "Patriot's Bibles", you may have already done this.

Just sayin'.


  1. Well, I had a whole couple of paragraphs written in positive response to your post, but then your "select profile" thingy said I couldn't be verified as a WordPress blogger. Well phewy on it!

    Essentially, I agree. You were the first one I have read today while researching this subject that used the word "caveat." It fits.

    And, for what it's worth, I am a Baptist pastor in Chattanooga, but refuse to be labeled as a Calvinist OR Arminian. As you said, just sayin'.

    God bless!

  2. Sorry about the profile thingy...I am not smart enough to know how to fix it where it works, though. I'd be happy for any reader to give me some insight into these blog pages and how they work.


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