17 August 2011

A Factor of Twelve

A year or so ago, one of the earlier blog posts in this blog was about jumping into the world of Kindle.

I've just discovered an empirical bit of information of some interest, since I've been reading Tim Challies wonderful book, The Next Story.  The information is-

       I acquire books on my Kindle at twelve times the rate at which I read them.

Do the math.  I average reading about three books a month (shameful, I know, but I have four kids at home and a real job I have to do).  That means I'm acquiring about 36 books a month.  In just five years, I'll have 2160 books on the Kindle, but I'll only have read 180 of them.  (In case my wife reads this, about 8 out of 10 of the books are acquired for free, by paying attention to publisher's tweets on Twitter, and the rest are under $2, by paying attention to a couple of free/cheap book blogs on Google Reader.)

I either need more time for reading, or need to stop acquiring books so quickly.


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