15 September 2011

Rushing Through the Reading

Michael Kelley posted a caution on rushing through a one-year Bible reading plan (taken from Spurgeon and augmented).  I agree.  I tend to either rush to keep up, or skip taking the time I need to take to ask and answer questions and meditate on what I'm reading when I follow a one-year Bible reading plan.

For this reason, I came up with a 180-week (that's three-and-a-half years) Bible reading plan.  It moves slow enough I can stop to ask questions (and answer them) as needed.  If I knew how to attach a copy to this blog, I would.  As it is, I don't know how to do that, or how to upload the file to a web server and link to it. (Where's a teenager when you need one?)

Not knowing how to do this makes everything below an experiment with a high probability of (as my boys would say) an 'epic fail'.  But I'll try anyway.

If this works because I'm lucky, here are two files.  The first is a PDF file of a generic bible reading checklist.  The second is an MS Excel file of my 180-week reading plan.  (I like the Excel version the best for printing...it is easier to format to fit on a page.)

File 1- PDF generic Bible reading plan

File 2- MS Excel file- Time, Times, and Half a Time

I sure hope these work.  If the links don't work, send me a comment saying so, and I'll try plan B (when I think of what it might be).  If they do work, send me a comment saying so, and I'll try to remember how I did this the first time for the next time it happens.

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