21 March 2012

Is Homosexual Marriage Really a Re-definition of Marriage?

Is contemporary homosexual marriage a re-definition of marriage in America today? I think not.

Before you start posting nasty replies, let me explain.

Many proponents of traditional marriage in our society have stated as clearly as they can the danger of re-defining 'marriage' to include any other arrangement than a man and a woman in covenant relationship.  I have no problem with that.  I would be among those proponents of traditional marriage.

But is what we have in American today, and for the last few decades, anything resembling a covenant between a man and a woman?  Not even close.  As this author describes it, marriage has become about as disposable as toilet paper.  He (Peter Hitchens, the Christian sibling of the late, famous athiest Christopher Hitchens) says, "Why should we care so much about stopping a few hundred homosexuals getting married, when we cannot persuade legions of heterosexuals to stay married? It is a complete loss of proportion."

My parents were married from December 22, 1953, until May 27, 2012 (the day Dad went home to heaven).  That's 58 1/2 years, if you don't have a calculator handy.  How?  They weren't raised in a culture where marriage had been re-defined to an arrangement of convenience.  Folks like my parents raised their kids with the same ideas, but many have participated in the re-definition anyway.

Why is this so? As Carl Trueman notes on the Ref21 blog, "...if homosexuality is a constitutive part of God's judgment, and not simply a cause of the same, then the advent of gay marriage is part of God's judgment (Romans 1) on the way marriage has been effectively dismantled by heterosexuals, some of whom are among the most loud-mouthed opponents of same-sex unions."

In other words, the re-definition of 'marriage' isn't a re-definition of traditional, covenant marriage at all; rather, it's the re-definition of some post-modern convenience we've created to try to justify ourselves before God and make sex between two uncommitted people legal and shameless.  All the modern homosexual re-definition does is throw off the trappings and vestiges of tradition.

Marriage was re-defined in our culture a long time ago, and what's happening now is really simply the wind blowing the stall door open and shut.  The horse left long ago, and has already died of starvation in the desert. There's no need to even bother shooting the poor thing.

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