05 October 2012

Why No Posts Lately?

One of my faithful readers (there aren't many!) asked why I hadn't been posting much.  Good guess.  Busy.

My wife and I are the president of the local Canyon Eagle Booster Club, which means we are in charge of concessions at Kimbrough Stadium (cap. 20,000) each Friday night.  That keeps us pretty busy.  (But we are hoping to raise close to $100,000 this year for Eagle athletics, so it's worth it.)

Additionally, the twins are on varsity football this year (Juniors), so that keeps us busy. 

And we have a 7th grader playing football and an 8th grader who's a daughter.  That keeps us busy.

I'm really not sure how I have time to go to work.  But I still do.  The thing that is giving way right now is writing on the blog and sleep.  Hopefully I'll pick writing back up a bit after football season is over.  I've been told I can catch up on sleep when the kids are grown.

I'm starting to think the Waterboy's momma was right:  "Fooseball is the devil."


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  1. That's what I figured! My oldest is the "8th grade daughter" who also made the high school freshman volleyball team. High school sports are so time consuming. And w/vollyball there are tournaments--have one coming up that is 3 hours away! My 10-year-old's vollyball season just ended. But softball season is even longer. I've now reached that dreaded point in life where my children's social lives are drastically cutting into my own :)
    Thanks for the update!


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