01 March 2010

If Jonathan Edwards Were To Preach Today...

…his sermon would have to be titled, “Somewhat dysfunctional (but well meaning) victims in the hands of an empowering God.”  At least, that’s what our culture would demand he preach. That’s NOT the gospel.  And the demons laughs as this impotent substitute is presented to thousands of people marching toward hell, but with a high self-esteem. “If people today find the preaching and teaching of sin and the cross irrelevant, it is only because we, like Israel, have dulled their sense of God’s holiness and righteousness.” (M. Horton, Gospel-Driven Life, p. 51) If we claim a God with no wrath, then we offer the cross as a solution with no problem.  Edwards was right in 1741, and he’s still right today, in spite of what is popular in evangelical Christianity.  We are sinners, and sin makes God angry.  We need to be saved, alright…not from our low self-esteem, but from God’s wrath.   And He has provided the means (the cross) and the sacrifice (His son) to propitiate that wrath. THAT’S the gospel.

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