10 March 2010

Why Is the Gospel So Incoherent?

I'm reading Michael Horton's The Gospel-Driven Life right now, and I ran across this paragraph that says a lot more than the number of words in it indicate-

“The gospel is unintelligible to most people today, especially in the West, because their own particular stories are remote from the story of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation that is narrated in the Bible. Our focus is introspective and narrow, confided to our own immediate knowledge, experience, and intuition. Trying desperately to get others, including God, to make us happy, we cannot seem to catch a glimpse of the real story that gives us a meaningful role.” (p. 71)

I think Horton is right...when we try to fit God and His story into our life narrative, it doesn't work. We have to fit our life narrative into His story (metanarrative?) for things to work right.

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