12 May 2010

With the Old Breed

The recent series on HBO called, The Pacific has generated new (and deserved) interest in the war in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. While I've heard of a few complaints from former marines over the poetic license taken during production of The Pacific, I've never heard anyone say the books on which the series is based have any problems with the way it was.

The series is based mainly on two books: Helmet For My Pillow by Robert Leckie, and With the Old Breed by E. B. Sledge.  I read Helmet back in high school, and it was a good book.  I didn't get around to Old Breed until just this year.  If you haven't read it, it is a must-read.  It is no-holds-barred in the way it tells of the life of a US Marine during the battles of Pelileu and Okinawa.  Sledge wrote a sequel, China Marine, a few years after the war detailing the rest of his time in the Corps.  Pick it up as well.

The Pacific won't ever be as good as Band of Brothers for various reasons, but the books on which it is based are...read them.

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