04 October 2010

The Inherent Danger of Consensus as the Arbiter of Truth

Does using Wikipedia ever bother you?

It bothers me sometimes.  I use it quite a bit...because it is so convenient.  But when I use it, I always take what I find there with a grain of salt. (What will we use when the FDA bans salt from out diets???)

As is the norm, no one says deep philosophical things about culture quite as understandably as Tim Challies.  (Well, I guess Al Mohler does, but who's counting.  And don't forget R. C. Sproul and his peeps at Ligonier Ministries.)  In this article, Tim talks about the problems with wikis (he uses Wikipedia as the example of all wikis).  In a previous article, Tim spoke about what Wikipedia does well, and it does do some things well.  But the second article is the one of import.  Read the first for balance, or to get perspective on the second, but the second is the important one.

Everybody with a kid in school, especially the younger kids in (say) fourth grade through high school, should zip off a copy of this blog and let their kids read it.  Or read it to them, if they can't read (you know how our education system is).  This is a tremendously important concept that reaches over from the cultural into the spiritual sphere.  Please don't go wandering through life without this perspective!

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