30 September 2010

Not 'Just Sayin'

I've noticed a new fad lately.  It's probably not all that new, but things move slowly around here.  The fad is to use the phrase, "just sayin'" after a remark.  The remark would usually be considered rude or inappropriate.  Then the speaker tags it with, "just sayin'" and everything seems fine.

It's not fine.

People, saying, "just sayin'" after a rude remark does not make the remark any less rude!!

It's like the much older practice, here out west, of adding, "ole" before an insult to make it a non-insult.  If you called somebody "that ole poker cheat", everybody laughed.  If you called him a "poker cheat", you got shot.  The difference between then and now is, the 'ole' was added to the front of the expression to indicate that no offense was intended.  The 'just sayin' is added after everything's been said, and then only to cover one's tracks after the damage is done.

Good grief.  If you are one of the 'just sayin' folks, grow the heck up and quit acting like a fourth-grader!

Just sayin'.

1 comment:

  1. Bein' awful hard on folks aren't ya'? -- just sayin'..... :)

    Not something I normally say, but, seemed appropriate.


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