29 March 2011

Book Review of Counterfeit Gospels

I recently discovered a new blog that I really enjoy.  It was mentioned by Tim Challies...it is called Blogging Theologically and is written by Aaron Armstrong.  I don't know much about Aaron, but I really like his blog.

Today, he posted a book review that was excellent.  (By the way, if you don't know a good reason for reading blogs, one of the best is book reviews.  You can't always trust that reviews on Amazon.com are legitimate...those can be easily staged.  But reviews on blogs are the real deal. Here's a link to all my reviews on Amazon.com, in case anyone cares.)

His review was of Trevin Wax's book, Counterfeit GospelsHere's the link to Aaron's review.

Aaron tells us not only what the content was of the book, but why the content was important, why we need to read what the author wrote, and how it can help us bring glory to God in our daily lives. 

And the book itself seems to ring a resonant chord, especially in light of the recent Rob Bell mess and the blogosphere battles over Bell and his critics and supporters.

I'm ordering a copy of Counterfeit Gospels on Thursday (pay day).  I just need to decide if I'm getting the Kindle version or the hardback version.

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