28 March 2011

Spring Rolls On

Well, March is almost over, and I still don't have much to say.  I've been so busy going to my sons' baseball games, I don't have time to think.

A few tidbits-

I just saw that a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Chicago had to make an emergency landing in Louisville.  Apparently, there were some smoking wires in the cockpit.  They should arrest those wires.  I understand it's a federal offense to smoke on a domestic flight.  <>

I just found out today that the head football coach is going to move my son, Will up to varsity for Spring football.  He's just a freshman.  So now I'm both very proud and very nervous.  Those other boys are very, very, big.  And fast.

I just got a promotion to full professor.  I'm pretty excited about that...it's the highest academic rank one can achieve short of retiring and being named Emeritus professor.  And as one retired gentleman explained once, 'Emeritus' is from the Latin:  E means your out, and meritus means you deserved it!

I just had the honor of co-approving the money for a new state champion wall sign for the high school gym.  (I'm one of the VPs for the Canyon Eagle booster club.)  The Lady Eagles went 38-0 this year; were the only undefeated team in the state of Texas, boys or girls; and the state championship game was Coach Lombard's 1100th career win.  He hasn't lost a hundred yet (98 loses).  That's almost unimaginable.  He's quite a coach, and a great Christian man who brought glory to God in the process of winning this title.  Hats off.  This was his 14th state title here at Canyon.  Wow.  On top of that, the Lady Eagles are now ranked in the top 12 nationally by USA Today magazine.

Our interim pastor preached on hell yesterday.  You don't hear that very often anymore.  Contrary to what we hear, everyone I talked to at church found it to be a positive, not a negative, sermon.  Good job, Dr. Shaw!

We only have two more lessons left in 2 Peter.  That means I have to find something to do for the summer.  Last summer, I used a six-week video series called, Chosen By God with R. C. Sproul.  Maybe I can find something like it for a different tact for early summer.  Then, by request, we are going to do some systematic theology, starting with the doctrine of prayer.  I'm looking forward to that study, even though it will be a tough prep, as I'll get some magnificent Bible study from it.

Just saw a pair of funny tweets from Fred Thompson- "Reporter at Biden fundraiser locked in closet. Only allowed out during Biden speech. Now that's what I call adding insult to injury."

And, "Hillary: U.S. won’t go into Syria the way it has in Libya. Oh, so Obama's going to go in with a plan?"

Good ones, Fred!

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