14 May 2011

I Hate It When I Do That!

I thought of a brilliant idea today for a blog post.  It was a witty way to start a serious conversation about something important.  It would have been original, which is unusual in the blog world (which tends to be a giant echo chamber).

I didn't write it down.  As Tom Clancy made famous in one of his books, "If you don't write it down, it never happened."  As I get older, that fact becomes more clear.  I guess I must have forgotten it when I had the thought, or I'd have followed my own advice and written it down.

Oh, well. Maybe I'll think of it later.  (Probably when I'm not near the computer and don't have a pen and paper to write it down.)

This brings to mind another idea- is the fall (as in Genesis, Adam and Eve, etc.) partially or totally responsible for our poor memories?  If so, in what ways?  At least I'll be able to look back at this this blog post to see what I forgot I was to write about later. 

At least, I can if I remember where I wrote it down.

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