05 May 2011

What We Need (Obscure Lectures)

I just ran across a set of three talks given by Sinclair Ferguson at a Desiring God conference way back in 1990.  It was on universalism, by the way, which is a hot topic right now...probably a lot hotter than it was in 1990.  There was no way to know about these talks other than finding them by chance.

What we need- a web site that lists links to all these 'lost' talks by good folks like Dr. Ferguson, and like Carson/Dever/Piper/Sproul/Chandler/Keller/Tchividjian/Horton/Ortlund/and-so-on.  I almost never get to hear any of these things live, and can usually only find stuff if it's on a particular person's (or his ministry's) web site.  These talks that get put in obscure places are effectively lost except to those who put them there.

Any of you who read this blog (not many, I know!) and can get the word out to the YRR blogger types please do so.  I'd love to have a way to access these hard-to-find talks, sermons, and conference messages.  These messages are too valuable to lose in the vast expanses of the internet.

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