11 February 2011

Academic Bias and the Parent

Al Mohler has just posted this incredible vignette about the reality of bias against conservatives in the academic setting.

Parents of high schoolers, this is your fair warning.  When you send them off to the university, you are sending them to a place that will hate their values and hate them if they try to hold on to and express those values.  It is a place that will try everything in their power to change those values to secular humanist values.

Am I saying don't send them to college?  Not at all.  I'm saying they had better be prepared for what they face when they get there.  All the details of what that entails will be given in subsequent posts as I have time to write them.

I'm a college dean.  I've taught in the classroom for nearly 20 years.  I don't say these things lightly.  But the spiritual welfare of our children is to important to not say them.

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