07 February 2011

The NFL Must Have a Concussion

How unmercifully bad was that half-time show last night?  After five or six years of really old, stiff, boring half-time performers (I suppose to try and make up for the boobies in 2004), the NFL decided to go back to youth this year.  So they got a young, stiff, boring half-time performance that at least included some really neat light effects.

I'd love to have a few of those lighted suits, although I wouldn't want mine to fit quite as tightly as the ones last night.  And Darth Vader's got nuthin' on the performers' costumes.

Who is the NFL talent scout, anyway?  Even American Idolatry does a better job finding talent than the NFL does (well, at least musical talent).  You'd think an organization who's existence depends on the ability to identify athletic talent could figure out how to find someone who could scout live performance musical talent, but I guess not.

So until they do figure this one out, I got a feelin' next year's show won't be much better.

Oh, and the commercials this year?  Yawn.  I guess all the good ideas were taken by about 2003.

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