06 February 2012

Footnotes vs Endnotes

I've long disliked end notes in the books I read.  I find them distracting at best, and a downright interruption of the train of thought in general.  I've never lost much sleep over this dislike, though; I'd not run into anyone else who thought like that until recently.  (After all, asking people their emotional feelings about end notes is usually a conversation-killer.)

Then I saw a fellow blogger mention it, and have since found others.  Then a few days back I ran across this blog article, which cinches the argument for me.  Now, this still isn't something worth losing sleep over, nor should it become an Elephant Room controversy.  But at least I can take some comfort in knowing a handful of other smart people think like I do, on this particular issue.

Ha!  I feel better already!

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