06 February 2012

The Situation in Afghanistan

Things don't appear to be as rosy in Afghanistan as we've been told.  This post in the Armed Forces Journal is an eyebrow-raiser.

I've been a vocal supporter of our troops since (and before) 9-11.  I've worked on a military base and become friends with a good number of active-duty, reserve, and retired military folk.  But since the day we went into combat in Afghanistan, I've had a suspicion we would not come out of there on top.  This isn't due to a lack of anything with our troops, but the situation in general and political interference.

After all, the Soviet Union was run out of the country with their red tails between their legs.  And the Soviet Union was not hampered with strict rules of engagement, or for that matter, much humanity at all, in the 1980's war.  If you've never had any indication of what that conflict was like, rent The Beast, a movie that depicts some of the inhuman conditions of that time. It is quite ugly.

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