26 February 2012

A Great Worship Experience

This afternoon, my church hosted Praisefest, which is an event where choirs from area associational churches get together and sing a couple of their best numbers.  The public is invited, and a few show up, but it's mostly an inter-choir event. (My mom showed up along with six or seven of her friends from the Palo Duro retirement village...that was a nice treat.)

The highlight of the event is always the song at the end.  Each choir was good, and each song was worshipful.  But at the end, all the choirs sing one number together.  This is unrehearsed, so it has to be a 'classic'...a song all the choirs know.  If you have been around Southern Baptists a few times, you know there are some songs that are ubiquitous.  Today we sang one of the very best of them:  At the Name of Jesus.  (I was once told that if your church doesn't sing this song at least twice a year, you aren't really a Southern Baptist church.)  This song is an adaptation of the kenotic hymn in Philippians 2.

Well, when the combined choirs from FBC Amarillo, FBC Canyon (my church), South Georgia Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, and the Panhandle Singing Women all put their voices together on At the Name of Jesus, it was a powerful, moving worship experience.  I'm not sure I can find the superlatives that would do it justice.  You just needed to be there.


(If you don't know the song, or would like a copy of it, here's a link to a 99-cent version on Amazon.com done by the Choral Ridge Presbyterian Church's Chancel Choir...this is one of my favorite renditions that I can find.)

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