14 May 2012

Book Review: Wednesdays were Pretty Normal

Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And GodWednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God by Michael Kelley
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This book is a very interesting look into the progress of one family through the cancer treatments for their little boy. Even though the ups and downs and deeper theological and emotional peaks and valleys are cataloged, I really don't think one can fully grasp them unless he or she walks the same path. There's just too much that can't be put into words when a family goes through something like this.

I enjoyed the humor and grimmaced at the fear they faced, but I sometimes just couldn't connect with the depth of emotion. This isn't the fault of the author, but a fact of life...I've never faced anything like this with my kids, and I don't see how anyone who hasn't can fully relate. If you have faced this, I think this book might be even more meaningful to you than it was to me.

Nonetheless, this book is still a great read and I highly recommend it.

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