29 November 2010

Doug Wilson GETS IT

Once again, Doug Wilson has posted on the TSA nonsense in a way that I simply can't match, so I'll send you directly there (pass Go, collect $200).

Wilson's Latest TSA Post

My family went to the Cowboys (er, Cowgirls?) vs Saints game in Dallas.  Guess what?  Wilson was right...we were separated into lines of males and females and were patted down upon entering the stadium.  But then, it shouldn't surprise anyone that if the TSA can be associated with noncompoopery, Jerry Jones can also.  That's a bit nicer than I'd like to put it, but this is a family blog.

Right now, I'd put a professional football game (if it happens to be in Dallas) as the biggest waste of money in America, right after the federal government, that is.   And on top of that, rather than a sporting event, it was more like a pagan worship service in a billion-dollar temple, complete with temple prostitutes (the pole dancers...yes, they have pole dancers at Cowboys games) and meat sacrificed to idols (what else can you call a ten-dollar hot dog?).

Billy Graham was right...if God doesn't judge the United States of American, he's going to owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

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