17 November 2010

Gordon Lightfoot

Today in 1938 one of my all-time favorite songwriter/musicians was born in Orillia, Ontario.  My top-ten list of GL songs-

1. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
2. Daylight Katy
3. Sundown
4. Carefree Highway
5. If You Could Read My Mind
6. Don Quixote
7. Me and Bobby McGee
8. Song for a Winter's Night
9. Summer Side of Life
10. Ghosts of Cape Horn
11. Minstrel of the Dawn
12. Cotton Jenny
13. Go-Go Round
14. Miguel
15. Rosanna
16. Songs the Minstrel Sang

OK, Gord's too good for just ten.  You can always download singles on Amazon.com for 99 cents each.  Here's Gord's page(s).   (No compensation for mentioning this.)

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  1. Not sure if you realized, but last week was the 35th anniversary of the wreck of the Edmund Fitgerald (the event, not the song). Probably was more on the minds of folks up here in Michigan than down in Texas.


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