13 January 2011

The Bible in One Sentence

Over on Dane Ortlund's blog, Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology, he asked a number of pastors, writers, and similar folks to sum up the Bible in one sentence.

Here's the post...very much worth the read just to see the variety of responses.

I have my own response, and I can tie for the shortest sentence in the list.  Not only that, mine is a play on words (see if you can figure it out). My one-sentence summary of the Bible is,

   "The Bible is His story."

We try so hard to write God into our stories, our lives, our meta-narratives.  But that's the backward approach, and it results in some very bad theology (like health/wealth nonsense, for starters...throw in some moralist therapeutic deism as frosting on that cupcake).

The correct approach, and the one that makes sense in light of the revelation of Scripture is, we are to write ourselves into His story.  We are part of His story.  And all of history is His story.

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  1. JB...We had a member of our church answer this in a way that I really liked:

    "Walk perfect and sinless before God or bow before God covered with the blood of one who is."

    Your thoughts?


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