06 January 2011

The Gospel in the Old Testament (an Ongoing Quest)

One of the things that has consumed me for the last few years is the task of finding the gospel in the Old Testament.  Having studied the OT for years as a dispensationalist, that task has not come easily.  After being introduced to the doctrines of grace, my view of theology proper changed, and is still changing (I suppose you could say I am semper reformanda).  My leaky dispensationalism is rapidly becoming empty, and some sort of covenant theology is slowly taking its place.  Part of this is finding, as I said, the gospel in the OT.

I recently ran across a review on the 9Marks website about a new book that may help with that quest.  The whole review can be found here.  The book is God's Glory in Salvation Through Judgment by James Hamilton, Jr.  It is an overview of how judgment, looked upon by many Christians as a topic not to be discussed, and by others as a myth, is shown in the OT to be a manifestation of God's character and a picture of unity with the NT view of God on sin and salvation.  If covenant theology is true, then the God of the OT is not only the same God of the NT, but his work and activity then reflect the same goals and objectives that his work and activity did at the time of Christ, and of today.  Reading the OT in this light makes a huge difference in how one interprets the events found there, and even how one interprets why certain events are included in the OT narrative.  (For example, read the story of David and Mephibosheth as an Arminian dispensationalist, then re-read it as a Calvinist covenantarian...see what I mean?)

I'm adding this book to my Amazon wish list...and look forward to getting into it in the near future.  (My stack of 'must' reading is about 15 inches high now...I gotta get busy!)

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