26 January 2011

Horton's, "The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology"

I just got my copy of Mike Horton's new systematic theology.  It is MUCH bigger in the hand than it looks in the amazon.com photo.

I've been waiting on this for a while.  I have used Grudem for years, and still love it and recommend it.  (I don't know of any systematic theology more accessible to the layperson than Grudem.)  There are, however, a few areas of Grudem I don't like as much, and I'm curious to see how differently Horton treats them.  (I think Grudem flirts with old-earth creationism a bit too much, and I tend to be a bit more cessationist than Grudem is, for a couple of examples.)

I'll post a review of this book down the road.  Probably way down the road, as systematic theologies tend not to be page-turners at times, and this one is right at a thousand pages long.

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  1. Still waiting on my copy's arrival. Looking forward to it!


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